What We Do

Our services span the globe and we operate & target every country & type of patient.

The Era of Digital

Social networks have transformed marketing and their popularity is still growing. If your business is not digital, you are missing a huge opportunity to attract new clients through social channels. Global-MTM have capitalized the digital space for health, wellness, hospitality and tourism providers featuring economical advertising opportunities online presence. Global-MTM is the only company dedicated to the medical tourism industry.

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The Global Tourism Magazine

Our Magazine, released quarterly, is the leading business-to-business and business-to-consumer healthcare magazine in the world. 

We deliver hard-hitting articles written by experts in the medical tourism & wellness industry discussing issues such as quality of care, how to choose a hospital, accreditation issues, how to integrate medical tourism into a health insurance plan, legal concerns and more. Global Medical Tourism educates the world about where the best centers of medical excellence are located.

Get your Brand on TV channels worldwide

Want to get your medical, wellness or dental brand on TV? Our experts at Global-MTM have built a network with top marketing agencies & direct TV channels across the Globe. From traditional TV to the latest in digital technology, we can connect you to it all.

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Innovation. Technology. Distribution

Our Global Distribution Network and expertise within the healthcare industry enables thousands of healthcare professionals to access medical equipment, devices and products from small to mass scale availability.

We are proud of the elite supply chain we have built over the years, which is dedicated to fulfilling your order requests and after sales service.

Get Seen Outdoors

Global-MTM is the leading outdoor media marketing company for medical tourism. Our network has an extensive portfolio of over 253,000 sites combining airports, roadside posters, shopping malls & railways stations in prime locations across the world

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Connecting Patients with Clients

Our Medical Tourism Facilitation services help our clients reach their objective of finding patients globally. Medical tourists are able to locate treatments at reduced rates, within destinations of their choice, between the leading healthcare providers. Our selected services are reliable, trustworthy and patient-friendly, enabling our medical tourists and healthcare professionals to have peace of mind

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Social Media

We are experts in growing social media platforms with a proven track record of success with our clients. Our digital marketing team handles all social media tasks, from branding, content creation and design to growth and exposure.


We conduct a discovery session to find out your objectives, target audience & budget

Content Creation

We work with you to create the best ad for your campaign. Either you can do this, or our inhouse expert can.

Campaign Ad

Once we launch we consistently monitor progress each step of the way to improve ad reach


Once the campaign is complete, we will provide you with full coverage analysis helping you breakdown costs

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Website & SEO optimization

Having a professional website is fundamental to building customer trust. Not only do we create websites, but we also implement SEO strategies to rank your website on google search


Video Content

Working with many of the leading healthcare companies & advertising agencies throughout the world, we create powerful healthcare video content across a range of briefs & delivery platforms: TV commercials and sponsorship idents, patient instruction films, product launch films and internal staff engagement videos.

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