Our Process

Our in-house experts determine the best strategies to implement to achieve the best results

  1. Consultation

    To start we conduct a 15-minute consultancy review from which we are able to assess your needs and provide potential solutions. We have various options to suit the budgets of our client requests.

  2. Discovery

    Before we start the campaign, we work with you to find out what your objectives are, who your target audience is and what you want to achieve. Our in-house experts determine the best strategies to implement to achieve the best results. 

  3. Content Creation

    Getting the design of your Digital ad right is one of the most important aspects of the campaign. You need a visually appealing design that caters for your target audience. Either you can provide this or at a small cost our team of in-house experts will create the perfectly optimized ad for your campaign.

  4. Campaign Launch

    Before we go live, we trial test the ad to ensure maximum results. Once the ad is live, we adjust to ensure maximum exposure and the best outcome. We provide consistent updates on the success of your campaign. 

  5. Results & Analysis

    Once the campaign is complete, we will provide you with full coverage analysis helping you breakdown where your money was spent and helping you with your future digital ad campaigns ensuring full transparency in your costs.


What services do you provide?

Global Medical Tourism is a subsidiary of the Global Medical Group that conducts a wide range of services relating to the medical, dental and wellness tourism industries. We specialize in the marketing, promotion and connection of healthcare professionals, brands and services directly to patients and customers, globally.

Where is Global Medical Tourism based?

Headquartered within London (UK) and New York (USA), our global network of patients and medical professionals, spans over 40 countries worldwide.

Who uses your services?

Our services are utilized by healthcare professionals and providers of all industries. This including, but not limited to the likes of:

  • Hospitals & Hospital Groups
  • Medical Equipment, Device & product manufacturers
  • Medical Centres
  • Dental clinics
  • Cosmetic surgery providers
  • Life-Saving procedure specialists
  • World renowned physicians
  • Financial Services companies
  • Medical associations
  • Airlines
  • Tourism Boards
  • Medical Insurance companies
  • Medical, Dental & Wellness Tourists
  • Direct Patients
  • Language Interpreters
We are interested in attracting medical tourists, international patients and direct patients, how can you help?

Global Medical Tourism provides a free consultancy analysis of your medical services. In doing so, it allows us to outline to you what is required in order for you to increase medical tourist intakes. From your desired campaign with us, we are then able to refer patients directly to you.

How much is it to promote our hospital to your network of medical tourists?

After completing your 15 minute consultancy review, we are able to tailor your campaign to meet your requirements. We have various options to suit the budget of our clients requests.