Spect eyes fast and effective diabetic retinopathy diagnoses


Technology: EyeLogic
Unmet need: Get patients at risk for retinopathy faster and easier access to diagnosis.

The EyeLogic platform provides instant vision screening for diabetics at the point of care with no additional costs. Research shows that when eye diseases are detected early, 98% of vision loss can be prevented, yet less than 40% of diabetics actually receive mandatory annual eye screenings. Diabetic retinopathy is an asymptomatic disease affecting 40-45% of all diabetics. Lack of screening is due to cost, inefficiency, and lack of specialist availability.

Eyelogic is a comprehensive screening platform for primary care doctors to detect and manage a variety of eye diseases. It combines proprietary hardware with a machine-learning algorithm to capture high-quality images of the retina using a mobile phone attachment coupled with instant analysis and diagnostic capabilities. The goal is to have a 100% eye exam rate for diabetic patients and maximal prevention of vision loss through timely referral of diseased eyes to eye doctors for early treatment.

The screening takes 15 seconds through a low-cost smartphone camera and can be performed during a routine doctor’s office visit. AI-based cloud analytics provide an instant report to physicians. The test is fully reimbursable, and offices can gain upwards of $100 of additional revenue per exam through reimbursement.


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