Sharjah: Thumbay medical tourism opens ‘Welcome Center’ at airport

Sharjah, Feb 6: Thumbay Medical Tourism (TMT), the award-winning medical tourism initiative of Thumbay Group – UAE has opened its welcome center at the city’s international airport, which is a first of its kind in the UAE. The kiosk, which is intended to welcome medical tourists from different countries, will provide them information on wellness checkups as well as TMT’s wide range of surgeries and treatments across all the major specialties offered by Thumbay Group’s network of academic hospitals.


The new center was opened on Thursday February 4, in the presence of Akbar Moideen Thumbay – vice president of the healthcare division of Thumbay Group and Dr Benazir Ameer Ali – director of Thumbay international medical and health tourism department. Located within the airport, the kiosk acts as a facilitation center for medical tourists visiting the country through Sharjah International Airport, and will be their first point of contact, taking care of all their needs right from when they disembark.
“A medical tourism welcome center within an airport is a new concept implemented by Thumbay Group. Apart from taking care of the needs of medical tourists, it will also act as an information kiosk for prospective customers passing through the airport, providing them firsthand information about Thumbay Group’s range of healthcare services and medical tourism services,” said Akbar Moideen Thumbay. He added that more such centers were planned at the other airports in the UAE as well.
Dr Benazir Ameer Ali said that the newly opened kiosk was the latest of TMT’s constant efforts to further upgrade and improve its services. “The ultramodern infrastructure, excellent care and warm hospitality of Thumbay Group’s hospitals has already made them the popular choice of medical tourists. We aim to emerge as the ultimate medical tourism health partner in the country,” she said.


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