Sana Health opts for smart pain relief


Technology: Sana smart pain relief mask
Unmet need: Pain management options

When Richard Hanbury was 19, he crashed his jeep and broke his back. Doctors gave him a 5-year life expectancy due to the severity of chronic nerve damage pain. Now, Hanbury is the CEO and founder of Sana Health, which won first prize at the Medtech Innovator Awards in 2018.  

The award-winning technology is Sana, a non-invasive mask that aims to alleviate severe pain problems, including neuropathic pain. The device measures and tracks a user’s overall state of health and vitality over time and uses this measure to tailor the device to stimulate deep relaxation and reduce pain levels within 10 minutes. Light and sound stimulation guide the brain through a sequence of patterns to induce a deep, natural relaxed state. A heart-rate variability (HRV) sensor embedded in the forehead of the mask allows monitoring of the nervous system, which enables the mask to tailor audio-visual stimulation and tracks overall well-being.

The company said its technology is based on 24 years of research and 700+ individual trials of EEG-based research. Clinical trials are scheduled for late 2018 with Mount Sinai Hospital, data analysis with Stanford Sleep Labs and PTSD with the U.K. military. The plan is for the device to be available to the general public in 2019, following FDA certification.


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