CroíValve advances heart valve assistance


Technology: CroiValve minimally invasive TR implant.
Unmet need: Offer a solution to tricuspid regurgitation.

CroíValve aims to develop a safe, effective, and easy-to-deliver device that can significantly reduce tricuspid regurgitation in high-risk patients.

Tricuspid regurgitation (TR) occurs in heart failure patients, due to tricuspid annular dilation. According to CroíValve, TR is an unmet clinical need affecting 550,000 new patients every year. Prevalence increases with age and the prognosis is poor for affected patients. Medical therapy is ineffective and surgery is associated with high operative mortality. Less invasive therapies offer the potential for improved clinical and economic outcomes.

Designed by cardiologist Dr. Martin Quinn, the CroíValve is a minimally invasive device that sits across the native valve assisting coaptation. It is held in place by a novel non-penetrating anchoring system. The anchor allows for simple delivery, repositioning, and removal, according to the company.

The company believes it will improve patient outcomes and save money by reducing hospitalizations.


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