Avivo Group Abu Dhabi gains accreditation


Dr. Dilshaad Ali, CEO of AVIVO Group, accepts the accreditation from ACHSI

Healthcare assessment and accreditation provider Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International (ACHSI) has awarded the Avivo Group’s National Hospital in Abu Dhabi with accreditation. The purpose of the ACHSI accreditation programme is to guide the performance of organisations to deliver safe, high-quality healthcare.

ACHSI is one of the three accreditations recognised by the UAE’s Ministry of Health, Dubai Health Authority and Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD). The other two are Joint Commission International (JCI) and Accreditation Canada International (ACI).

Dr Dilshaad Ali, CEO of Avivo Group, commented: “Quality is always paramount at all the entities under Avivo Group. We take pride in being able to sign an agreement with ACHSI for its accreditation, which will be for the whole Group. We have robust policies, procedures, systems and frameworks in place that are continually reviewed for quality improvement to ensure that we provide safe health services to all our patients while maintaining a high quality of medical care.”

Michael Giuliano, Executive Director at ACHSI, stated: “The ACHSI accreditation is something very different compared to all other healthcare accreditations. We focus on creating a standard platform by providing practical training where all the standards are set and applied under best practice. We develop our standards and criteria through a collaborative approach and thorough reviewing of literature and evidence, which play a much greater role in setting the standards.”


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